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Quality starts from materials

  • We use only top quality polymers, produced by leading companies who share our philosophy: the importance of taking care of the environment.
  • We have chosen to produce only with risk free polymers for our collaborators and customers’ health safety.

Polymers mixing and conveyance

  • MORETTO‘s Mowis supervision system guarantees an integrated and traceable processes management, efficiency and precision of the entire plant, real-time control, even remotely, and data exchange with the management system.
  • Polymer withdrawn mixed by dedicated gravimetric systems, depending on the material transported to dryers or dehumidifiers and then conveyed to the machine through DLF – automatic manifolds MORETTO Dolphin.

Injection moulding

  • For high-level moulding we relied on ENGEL machines, synonymous with quality and excellence. They are all network connected also monitored remotely in order to optimize production cycles and ensure maximum quality control.
  • Our machines fleet counts from 50 ton to 220 ton machines, equipped with robots and manipulators.
  • We mould with hot runners and with sprue. Zero waste: whenever possible, scrap material is ground and put back into the production cycle.
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Tailor-made products

From idea to product. We support our customer during all phases: from design to prototype until the final production.

THIRD PARTY moulding

For many years, we have been producing products for our customers for different sectors: from AUTOMOTIVE, HOUSEHOLDS APPLIANCES, COSMETICS to NAUTICAL and AIRCRAFT industry. (Tool maintenance programmes service also).
Analisi del prototipo plastico

Control and quality

  • Our automated control system is able, through cameras, to detect any faulty products and immediately isolate them from the rest of production.
  • Our specialized team does quality checking for each batch produced by accurate measurements with high-precision machines.
  • The whole production process is constantly monitored and tracked: from polymer to the finished product batch.

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CB srl. Brescianini

Via E. Berlinguer 10/D–12, 20005,
Pogliano Milanese (MI), Italia