Cb Brescianini

Workshop: mould making

Effective internal workshop

We are always ready in the workshop!

If a mould needs maintenance, we do it immediately, minimizing production stop.

We are good in maintenance because we know how to make moulds: the ones we design and manufacture are all made of hardened steel with reported dowel and to be faster and precise, we make everything by ourselves.


We relied on important partners:
  • BÖHLER e UDDEHOLM for steels
  • CHARMILLE for wire EDM
  • ONA for wire and plunge EDM
  • ROBOFIL 240 for die-sinking EDM
  • FORM 20, JONES-SHIPMAM for the tangential and round grinding machine
  • ROSA for the tangential grinding machine
  • IRON 08.6 N MICRON for the VCE 750 work center
We also have micro drilling machines, milling machines and many other tools.

Because experience pays off

30 years of experience in moulding is definitely a plus for us.

When we design and manufacture a mould, we think of a long lasting tool, with a simple maintenance, easy to clean and place on the machine, which allows us to mould with a reduced cycle time.

The raw material do not have to be wasted: moulded object do not have manual adjustments or operations and the mould have to be able to make the object from the first moulding

We make our and your moulds for moulding in the best way, the best.
Being lean means being fast: we are used to have what we need when we need it and we want to offer the same thing to our customers too as “the time is precious”