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Vista della sede di CB Costruzioni Brescianini

About us

  • The company founded in Milan in 1986 started making wiring for automotive industry, in 1992 moved to Pogliano Milanese, where also the mould workshop and the injection-moulding department opened. Today C.B. is a milestone for the injection-moulding sector and has several patents as well as many collaborations with important international brands.

Davide Brescianini

  • 35 years of experience, a great know how in injection moulding technologies and a modern approach in creating moulds. All starts with him: projects, new products and the most innovative solutions that allows customers’ needs to become reliable products with high production standards and quality.

Our values

  • Raw materials and moulding processes updates and researches.
  • Quality and attention to details.
  • Technological innovation and constant training.
  • Co-operation and teamwork.
  • Attention and availability to partners and customers.
  • Respect and care for the environment.



From a need to a real project.

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Workshop produces both pilot and final moulds and supports production/dpt in moulds maintenance.

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High quality injection moulding with the most modern ENGEL machines.

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Warehouse storage service for raw material and finished product. Quick and flexible shipping.

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CB srl. Brescianini

Via E. Berlinguer 10/D–12, 20005,
Pogliano Milanese (MI), Italia