Cb Brescianini

Design: where it all begins

Design is where it all begins

The ability to interpret objects “through unusual paths” has allowed us to transform our creativity into our customers success who have chosen us as partners.

Many of the objects designed for them have become international patents and we are flattered to have been chosen as “interpreters” of their needs.

Prototyping service

Our approach is direct and pragmatic: tell us about your needs and difficulties had in the past.

We listen to you and think of solutions right for you.

We create prototypes, test them and check with you if they match your needs.

From design to production

We design and make moulds, helped by our partners, we study the most suitable material for customizing the product.

We are fast and responsive because we know how important it is to see a product finished: the average time to move from the idea to mass production is about 3/4 months.

TWe transform a need into ideas and projects, then into new and functional products. But the beginning of everything is in the ability to imagine something, through unusual paths.