Cb Brescianini

Production area: plastic molding

Polymers Mixing and conveyance

The quality of a moulding process starts upstream, from polymer mixing and conveyance.

That’s why we have chosen MORETTO: the Mowis supervision system guarantees an integrated and traceable processes management, efficiency and precision of the entire plant, real-time control, even remotely, and data exchange with the management system.

From here we plan and programme withdrawn polymer entire route, mixed by dedicated gravimetric systems, depending on the material transported to dryers or dehumidifiers and then conveyed to the machine through DLF – automatic manifolds.

Also the thermoregulators on the machines are by MORETTO

Injection moulding

From injection moulding we want long lasting consistent quality guarantees and great productivity. That’s why we have chosen ENGEL as a partner because their injection moulding machines guarantee all that with excellent levels of automation, advanced levels of digitization, network connection and high standards of assistance.

We have 8 injection moulding machines:

  • ES200/50
  • ES200/75 dotate di manipolatore
  • VC330/80 SPEX accessoriata con E-PIC
  • VC750/150
  • VC1050/220 SPEX

All network connected and also monitored remotely.

We mould with hot runners and also with sprue.

When sprue is retrievable, we have a DIPRE grinder on each machine for grinding it and re-enter the material immediately in the production process.

Materials choice:

We have chosen to produce only with polymers no health risks for our collaborators and final customer, even when the item created is very small.

We use PA6, PA66, PBT, PE, PP, ABS, PC, POM, with various glass fiber or fireproof degrees made by leading Italian manufacturers who share our environment, health and safety attention.

Control and quality

On the machines, we have installed sophisticated production control systems with cameras, interfaced with machines: mouldings where there are pieces with even very small defects, are automatically discarded and isolated from normal production.

This allows us to guarantee a very high quality standards, without however missing the normal quality checks done by our team with care and accuracy.

The whole production process, from the polymer withdrawal to the finished product is a closed process, tracked and constantly monitored.
Investing in technology and working with high-performance machinery allows us to guarantee production with high quality standards at competitive costs.