Cb Brescianini

Warehouse, logistics and storage: everything in its place

Polymer storage

Warehouse is divided into two distinct and distant parts: the raw material warehouse is upstream of production, while the finished product warehouse, including packaging and the shipping area, is downstream of production.

For the outdoor polymers storage we have chosen ZEPPELIN steel silos, which are directly connected to the production conveying system, while the rest of the material is stored in a raw material allocated area, on standard shelves , clearly identified and traced.

Even if the control and raw material management are done by software like a large company, we do not give up the efficiency of immediate visual management.

Control and quality

The moulded pieces are placed directly inside boxes by the machine, but not packaged and labelled before they have been controlled again.

At the packaging stations, attentive experts do a spot quality check one last time and control the correct quantity in each box.

Only after those operations the box can be closed and labelled.

The “smart” warehouse

Here too, technology has arrived.

Everything is managed in an integrated way with the entire process, and through fully automated steps, finished products are loaded in their warehouse with pallets stored on the shelf, according to FIFO.

We try to satisfy every customer needs.
We have products shipped straight away and others available in stockroom, ready when requested.

The warehouse principles are order and efficiency: everything in its place and a place for everything. Always having everything visible and available allows us to guarantee the product you need at the time you need it, without wasting energy or resources.